Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had a lot going on and been working near enough everyday but today I thought I’d share with you some of the things I have been loving this summer.

Honestly this product have been a savoir this summer. For some unknown reason my face never catches up with the tan on my body. Which meant the more tanned i was getting, the more my face no longer matched my body. I honestly looked ridiculous, especially in club pictures. Thankfully I saw Gabriella Lindley (Velvetgh0st) talk about these drops and since then it’s become a staple piece in my makeup collection. You simply mix one or two drops into your moisturiser or foundation and apply as usual, taking care to evenly buff it into the skin. 
This product is perfect for these summer months and much cheaper then replacing your foundation and concealer. 
Next thing i have been loving this summer are NYX lip products, in particular the three pictured above. 
Firstly I love the names of these shades, I love the idea of the soft mattes being named after places in world and then I like how the lingerie shades have quite flirty names. The formulas of the products I cannot fault. They go on beautifully, they aren’t too heavy and they are super soft, I never have to worry about my lips looking dry or cracked whilst wearing these. If you haven’t purchased any NYX products yet then i definitely recommend you try their lip products, they do not disappoint. 
Wilkos – Fruits Hand Sanitisers – 50p 
This product isn’t technically beauty but i’m going to throw it in here anyways. There are a lot of germs going around lately and since I caught a bug and then a day later the flu I’ve turned into a bit of germ-a-phobe. However, I hate the smell of normal hand sanitiser so I decided to pick these up from wilkos. I keep one in my handbag and one in my work jacket. They smell fresh and summery and they do the job and for that price you can’t go wrong.

I have been asked to do a blog post on some of my favourite books and recommendations, however, i really wanted to talk about two books in particular that i have read and loved this summer.
Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon
Billy & Me – Giovanna Fletcher 
Firstly i have been loving Nicola Yoons debut novel, Everything, Everything. It’s about a girl Maddy who is allergic to the world and hasn’t left the house in seventeen years, which is crazy. She’s never had friends round, she’s never been in sea or seen any of the world, except through a computer screen. But one day a boy Olly moves in next door and he changes everything. Now I don’t want to give anything away but it was such a beautiful story and made me realise that life is about taking risks. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance books but also to anyone because it makes you aware of the bubble that you live it and how things aren’t always how they appear.
Another book i have loved this summer is Billy & Me. I’ll be honest the last two chapters of this book make me cry. It was such a beautiful emotional book, showing the importance of family, love and dreams. It follows a girl Sophie May, who has anxiety and is suddenly thrown into the spotlight. It also made me realise that its not always a bad thing to stray away from the things that comfort you, it also teaches you that you should never hold a grudge towards someone you care deeply about for too long because you never know when the last you’ll see someone will be. 
If you want to read either of these books they are actually in the Zoella book club in whsmith and there is a buy one get one half price deal on. 
TV & Film
I am currently hooked on Gossip Girl, I absolutely love it. It’s such a typical teen program, but that’s exactly why I love it. 
Me Before you, anyone who has watched it will understand me when I say this, I was an emotional mess. Especially when he bought her Bumblebee tights, but it was such a lovely film.
Finally Tarzan. As bad as this is going to sound, before this summer, I had never watched Tarzan. But I absolutely loved it and its definitely made it into my top 5 Disney films. 
So that is all of the things I have been loving this summer. I do love summer but I honestly can’t wait for Autumn where i can chuck on a cozy sweater. 
Dion xo

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