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Hey guys, today I’m going to be telling you all about my Zante experience with 18-30. To do this I’m going to split it up into the following sections: The hotel itself, the area, and the 18-30 side of things. 

Whilst in Zante I stayed at the Splash Studios. Before arrival I was a bit worried, I’d heard a few bad reviews and the coach seemed to be taking us to the middle of nowhere, so at this point I was a bit sceptical about how safe the hotel would be. However, once we’d pulled up outside it was quite clear that there was nothing to worry about. Yes it was on the small side but it looked clean, safe and friendly and that was the most important thing.
Once there we were promptly greeted by our wonderful rep, Jade, (who I will talk about more later) and shown to our room. In my opinion, the rooms were great considering how little we’d paid for the holiday. The room had 3 beds, a double and a single, a small kitchenette and a bathroom; this was more like a wet room, since the shower had a mind of its own. 
There weren’t many rooms and outside of each were tables and chairs. This for us, became our meeting point for pre drinks and gossip before the many events of the week.
Our balcony area.
Just across from the patio area, was the pool which wasn’t the biggest but It was a very decent size. Since it was smaller it meant that I soon knew everyone by name and so a group of us formed and stuck together for the week.

At the pool bar you could purchase a safety deposit box for 20€ ish and wifi for 1€ per day. The wifi itself wasn’t always the best but it was great for if you wanted a quick catch up with friends and family back home and to snapchat a few pictures by the pool. 
The pool bar was very affordable, 2€ for a lemonade. 2 cocktails for 5€ and the food ranged from 2-8€ depending on what you wanted.
The Pool and bar area.
The final thing I want to say about the hotel is there wasn’t any mosquito catchers and the mosquitos were awful. I was bitten so much on the first night alone so if you are planning on traveling to Zante or anywhere in Greece in fact, I highly recommend you take a mosquito plug and repellent with you just in case. This is the result of my first night in Zante. 
I also had bites on my stomach and face.

The Surrounding Area
Despite thinking the hotel was in the middle of nowhere this wasn’t the case. Just to the right of the hotel was a walkway which took you onto a mini strip. 

This was where you could find a small selection of restaurants, shops and bars.

 If you are ever here I highly recommend the restaurant: The island. The food is amazing and the service was excellent. 

Another point to mention is that if you weren’t too keen on venturing to the main strip during the night time, then the few bars on the mini strip were decent enough. 

If however you enjoy more lively and eventful nights out then the strip is just another 5 minutes around the corner. The strip is full of the best bars and clubs, and leads you right onto the beach. Clubs I would recommend are Linkers and Rescue. However, if you have an events package you always have a plan set out for you which makes it more easier to find the busyiest places. 

The only strange thing about the surrounding area is probably the fact there were farm animals roaming around, which isn’t something you’d except so close to the strip. However, it was something I found overly amusing. 

Club 18-30

Moving on to the main area I want to talk about. Club 18-30.
Before the holiday I knew nothing about club 18-30. It was just a package we found that was cheap and affordable. I had no idea what it entailed, I just assumed it was who would transport us to and from the airport. I couldn’t be more wrong. 

On arrival we were met by our hotel rep: Jade. She took us to our room and told us about a package we could purchase which would cover all the events for the week. The package cost us 250€ in total, and included over 8 events whilst we were there, a lot of which got us two hour free bars or discounted drinks. 

To some this may seem like a lot of money and I was a bit sceptical myself, but in a long run if you make the most of the events and the free bars you are saving yourself a lot of money. It also meant we didn’t have to worry about wondering round trying to find good events and been conned into fake ones. However, I will add that if you didn’t want to go to certain events on the package you could opt out and pay a cheaper price.

The Events

Literally two hours after we arrive we had the first event of the week. The champagne spray party at Pure Beachclub, which ended up being my favourite venue of the week. It included a 2-4-1 drink deal and a free bottle of champagne. Once there we split the cost and purchased a VIP bed with a bottle of vodka and mixers for 80€, which turned out to be a great idea since the bars were rather expensive. If you wanted more after this event you could then head on to linkers but most of us ended up having to go home early (me included). 

The next night, Friday, was the Paint party. I honestly thought I’d hate this event but it was my favourite of the week. We started off on a mini bar crawl and then headed onto the venue. Once there you were covered in slimey yellow paint. Which sounds awful but it was so much fun. We all started off looking nice but soon looked like balls of slime. The evening ended with us trying to wash all the paint off so we wouldn’t get charged for wrecking the sheets. 

Saturday was supposed to be the boat party; however we were all so hungover and the thought of being a boat made me feel queasy so we spent the day by the pool. That night was the Tsunami party, which isn’t as scary as you’d think. It basically involved hundreds of people inside a club, listening to old school R&B anthems dancing in the rain. Yes, it was raining inside and it was honestly so much fun! I don’t have any photos from this event due to not wanting to risk my phone getting water damaged.

Moving on, the Sunday night was a carnage bar crawl, but since me and a few of the others had done ones back at home during freshers we were in no rush to do it. Therefore we all decided to go for a dressed up night instead. After much reluctance, we ended up going to a bar on the strip where we paid 10€ for a 2 hour free bar. The owner even gave us a free complimentary fish bowl. This was a lot more fun then I expected and me and the girls ended up spending the night dancing on top of the bar. 

On the Monday night we attended a full moon party at Cherry Bay club, which was half indoors and half on the beach. Partying on the beach has always been a dream of mine so it was great to finally be doing it. With 2€ drinks and 1€ shots you couldn’t really complain either. This event was followed by Linkers after party and rescue rooms. It was such a good night filled with signing, dancing on the bars and great company. I would highly recommend this event. 

On the Tuesday night we headed to Zante live, which was hosted at Pure Beachclub, again we purchased a VIP bed and got to watch the amazing BLONDE DJ perform. It was honestly one of those moments I’ll always remember. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was up dancing, there were people jumping in the pool. It was just so much fun and it’s a venue I would love to return too. 

After this we were given tickets to the Zante live after party were live DJs battled for our attention. We were also invited to the club Waikiki. However, me and Shannon decided we wanted to sneak off for pizza at BJs instead. (Honestly if you are ever in Zante, go and buy a slice of BBQ chicken pizza from BJs it’s fricking amazing!) After devouring a couple of slices of pizza we decided we were going to find a Karaoke bar and so we ended up in Cheeky Tikis. Which I absolutely loved. After a while our friend found us doing karaoke and we returned back to the group for the night. 

The final night, the Wednesday, was another bar crawl however we decided to give this a slip an went out for a meal instead. Some of the others then decided to go for a night out out, however, I fell asleep as the week had finally caught up with me.

It was honestly the best week I could have hoped for. I knew Zante was going to be an experience but I never believed I would do so much. 

The Rep

I can’t finish this post off without talking about our wonderful rep. She truly deserves a lot of praise and recognition. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better rep. She went above and beyond that of what a rep should do. Even when she had time off to herself she chose to spend a lot of it with us, taking us out, showing us the best places to eat and generally just making sure we had a wicked time. She was always there for advice, a laugh and a friend. Jade, hats off to you, you were brilliant, if a little clumsy but we are super glad we had you as our rep, you made the whole week a thousand times more exciting and enjoyable. Thank you so much!

BThe Zante Crew – Jade centre
So that’s all there is to say about my week in Zante. If you are considering booking a holiday with 18-30 definitely do! And if you fancy Zante this summer then definitely book splash studios, you are guaranteed a fun week which a great rep looking out for you.

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