Hey guys, so I’m not sure how, but somehow I got through another year of university. Big shock, I know. This year was full of multiple moments, where I said I was leaving and never coming back. (As you can tell i’m a bit dramatic.) But here I am, at the end of another university year and what a year it has been. I am not going lie and say it’s been amazing but its been interesting and full of great memories.

Living arangements:

Returning back to University back in September was a challenge. It was my first time at university single and so my first year, without the extra support of a partner. As much as I thought this would be an issue, it really wasn’t. I found that I really enjoyed being independant, and yeah there were parts of second year where I was seeing someone, but never to the point where I felt I needed to rely on them. Whilst there were moments where I struggled, it challenged me to push myself further, which is definitely something I’ve needed.

This year I moved into a house, with 3 other people, which was 10000000% better than halls. There were moments where I think we all wanted to kill each other, but I will never forget the nights where we’d stumble in drunk, chat absolute rubbish in the kitchen and congregate in someones room in the morning for hungover chats. As much as I hated living there at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know I will always hate living anywhere until I get my own space, its just who I am.

My fabulous housemates

Social life & Sports:

This year I was social sec for my universities dance team. I thoroughly enjoyed this. We had some cracking moments at socials throughout the year and an equally amazing time on tour. I will never forget ugly shirt night, where we all walked to the club in the snow, just so we wouldn’t miss our weekly social. I don’t think I have ever seen the team so dedicated. In some ways I am quite sad my time as social sec is over, but I am super excited to take on my new role, as president of the team. Three years ago when I started university I never would have put myself forward for something like this, so I am super nervous but I also cannot wait to support the team.

As well as dance socials, there were many other nights out – probably too many. I definitely shouldn’t have gone to so many Mosh Mondays, with 9am lectures the next day, but never mind. I’ll learn one day. Second year for me, has definitely been the most sociable year, with the most nights out. Next year I need to settle down a little bit.

One of our many social events

Friendships & Fall outs:

Gosh, I have had some awful arguments with people this year. These moments made university really difficult at times, but it is what it is. I definitely need to learn to take a step back sometimes, as much as I want to push myself to be honest about how I feel, I need to make sure I do it in the right way.

Despite the arguments I had a lot of great people around me. However, I started university three years ago, which means the majority of these friends are now leaving. Going home for summer, knowing I may never see some of them again, was really hard, but im so grateful to have gotten to meet them.

I have also met some amazing people this year, a lot of whom will still be there for my final year. University, is a place where your friendships are constantly changing. You out grow people. You realise certain people just aren’t very nice and you meet new people all the time. This year I have learnt that its okay to walk away from friendships that don’t benefit you and that new friendships are always around the corner.

Overall, I have achieved so much more this year. My confidence has grown, my anxiety is a lot more controllable.  There have been some awful moments throughout the year,and times where I have really struggled with low moods. But despite all of that I have met so many amazing people and made some great memories. I may not have attended all my lectures (I deffinitely shouldn’t have wasted so many tuesday mornings in bed), and I may have been hella stressed. But I am happy to say, I am finishing the year on a firm 2:1 again, which I am so incredibly proud of. My final grades were a mixture of 2:1s and firsts, so all the stress was worth it. Whilst, uni may not always be the best experience, I am excited to see what my final year has to offer.

Bye for now.

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