Hey guys, travelling is one of my favourite things to do, whether it be travelling to a nearby city or jetting across Europe, i just love the thrill of exploring.

Through university I was given the opportunity to travel to Croatia in April for a week on Tour. For those of you who don’t go to University or haven’t heard of tour i’ll explain what it is. Basically most of the AU sports teams will get a group together and go abroad for a week on tour. Whilst on tour you basically spend the week getting drunk and playing sports against other universities. This year we went with ILOVETOUR and were sent to Croatia. We were there for 4 nights and had to travel there by coach. As much as the 30+ hour coach journeys there and back killed me, it was quite interesting to drive through the various countries in Europe. We passed through countries such as:France, Belgium, Luxembourg,Italy etc, which has cemented my plans to inter rail with my boyfriend next summer.

Whilst in Croatia, we stayed at a resort in Porec and spent the week relaxing by the pool, drinking and having fun. Each night we were given a different theme to dress up as and went to the various different bars on the resort. The themes we were given were: Alice In Wonderland, A surprise night (where the dance girls became basketballers and the basketballers became dancers), Noah’s Ark and Out of this world.

During the day we were stuck in a resort, so watched the various sports or lounged by the pool. However, on the last day we were given a free day in which we could visit a nearby town or go on a boat party, I chose the town visit. Which was one of the highlight of my trip.

We visited the town of Rovinj, which is known to be one of the last true Mediterranean fishing port. During our day in Rovinj, we wandered around the various shops and market stalls and also stopped for a bite to eat. We also took the time to visit the Church of St. Euphemia. The journey up to the church was up a steep winding road, which let me tell you was extremely slippy especially since I had flimsy shoes on. However, the up hill struggle was definitely worth it, the views from the top were simply breathtaking. The church itself moved me, I felt really at peace inside and so I lit a candle for those who have passed. It felt like the right thing to do. The tower of the church was modelled on the tower of St Marks Basilica in Venice, which I found really impressive. All in all, it’s a really beautiful town and I would love to visit more Croatian towns in the future.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Croatia, I’m excited to see where tour will take me next year and i’m also super excited to explore the world further. Bye for now guys.


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  1. Oh it’s so beautiful, I went to Croatia last Summer and now I am missing all the sunshine! You have a wonderful blog here too by the way, all your hard work with it is completely paying off! x


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