Hey guys, it’s been a while but i am finally back. Lately I have been swamped with work and uni assignments. I have also been on tour to Croatia, but more about that in a later post. My post today is long overdue honestly, I have wanted to rave about the Morphe 350s palette for so long. I purchased the palette back in January, however, due to knocking my palette off the side and watching it break into tiny pieces, I had to wait to replace it (which let me tell you, wasn’t easy).


As you can see from the photograph above, my palette is a bit messy, I do try and keep it clean but it doesn’t stay that way for long, this is partially due to fallout but primarily due to the fact I use it pretty much everyday. I haven’t always been an eye shadow girl, I used to just throw on a bit of mascara, eyeliner and that would be it for eyes. Lately however, I have really gotten into building my makeup collection, especially in terms of eye shadows, I have found myself branching out into different brands and different shades. During my quest for the perfect palette I purchased this beauty and hands down, it became my all time favourite and my go to palette. The colours are a beautiful collection of 35 shimmers, ranging from soft golds to warm reds. I didn’t think I would like all of the shades, especially the red ones, but i have really enjoyed experimenting with them all and surprisingly every shade is super wearable.  (Some of my favourites are highlighted in the picture below).


The packaging of the palette itself is not very strong, I was extremely disappointed by how easily mine broke. However, due to its fragility the palette is wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap during shipping, regardless of which company its purchased from (I have ordered from both Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay). Cost wise, I find the palettes super affordable. The cost of the palette varies depending on where you order it from, I paid £27 from Cult Beauty (which works out at about 77p per shade) and £22 from Beauty Bay (62p per shade), both these companies ship from the UK, without any hidden charges. One thing I will mention is that they can be very difficult to get hold of in UK, me and my friend must have been on the waiting list for ages before we managed to get hold of one, making replacing one even more difficult.
The shadows themselves are super pigmented, super soft and super buttery, meaning they look amazing and blend really easily. All of the shades complement each other also, meaning none of them ever look out of place, so you can easily use a number of shades in one look without it looking odd. The only downfall of the palette, is that sometimes there can be some fallout however, because of the sheer beauty of palette and the strong pigment its something I can easily ignore. It’s really easy just to brush the pigment away.

I definitely want to purchase more from the Morphe range as they have so many beautiful colour ranges and I would love to test out their matte shadows, as I don’t normally go for matte shades. All in all, the palettes are definitely worth the long waiting list and the cost. So, if you haven’t already got one in your collection, I highly recommend you get yourself on the waiting list, you will not be disappointed.

Let me know what your favourite eyeshadow pallets are in the comments, I would to know if the Morphe pallet is your holy grail, or whether you reach for something else. Don’t forget to follow if you are new and check out some of my earlier posts, I post about a number of things such as makeup reviews, travel and I also touch on more serious topics such as IBS and anxiety.

Side note: I am keen to start a new series surrounding real life problems. This can be about anything such as what to wear on a first date, relationship worries, things surrounding mental health, uni or showing how different people feel anxious on public transport etc. Anything goes. So if you have any ideas or want advice on anything please follow this link and leave me some suggestions: https://goo.gl/forms/00mWZ5RHNAxmiVw93

Bye for now x


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