I’ll admit that i often find myself worrying about what other people will think and say more often then not. For example before a night out i will often change my mind on what i’m wearing several times because i’m worried what someone will think. I know that’s stupid and that it really shouldn’t matter, but my anxieties based on other peoples opinions of me, do stop me doing a lot. But to be honest, if i think about it properly, what they think of me, really is none of my business and what they think of you, is none of yours either. People only ever see what they want to see, which isn’t a lot at all. Each individual has many layers to their personalities and not one single person in the whole world, will ever know every single thing about you. If you were to ask different people to name 3 things they see in you, i guarantee you will not hear the same things from each of those people because each individual that you meet will have differing views on you. People will think they know you and people will judge you, but that doesn’t mean their opinion of you is true. As long as you know who you are and you love yourself for who you are, why should you care what they think. And although a part of me will probably always worry about other peoples opinions, i am slowly caring less and less. Nobody knows every detail about a person, nobody knows how hard something was to do or how much courage it took to do something, so why should we care if they judge us. If what we are doing is making us happy then that’s all that matters. It’s time i started saying yes to the things i want to do and no to the people who make me feel bad for doing them.
I challenge everyone reading this to say yes to the things that make them happy. Next time you find yourself stopping to think ‘but what if someone judges me’, take a step back, think about why you want to do it and then just go for it. Don’t regret not doing something because of someone else, most of the time the people saying things are people who aren’t part of our lives for very long, so we should live life for ourselves. By simply putting your opinion first you could make a big difference to your life.
Dion xo

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