Hey guys.
Those of you who frequently read my blog may have noticed the lack of blog posts recently. I’ll be honest, I just haven’t found the time or motivation.
 I have recently started back at uni and i have found settling into a new routine very difficult and slightly overwhelming. This dramtic change in daily routine has all been a little bit too much. The excitement to be back was soon replaced with anxiety and stress which resulted in a visit from a paramedic at stupid hours of the morning and a bit of a down period. This period of ill health and stress has meant that any free time i have had recently has been spent sleeping. Blogging therefore took a back seat.
I do really love blogging and it is something that is very rewarding. Therefore i am hoping to find time to write at least one blog post every week. But don’t quote me on that. I will never be a daily blogger and I may not always upload weekly. There will be some weeks where im too ill or I have asignments due. But I am definitely aiming for at least 4 blog posts a month. 
What to expect?
More makeup. I love makeup, however, for some unknown reason I don’t blog about it enough. I often find myself in boots buying new makeup with the excuse, “it’s okay, it’s for my blog’, yet they never end up on my blog. This is about to change. 
Fashion. Now I’m going to throw it out there – I am no fashion expert, I have no clue what the latest trends are, I simply choose clothes that look nice and fit well. If im honest most of the time I just throw on jeans and a hoody because I just can’t be arsed. However, I do love shopping and I do love a good haul so expect some clothing hauls in the future, probably primark, everyone loves a good primark haul.
Other than that, I have many blog posts planned for the next few months, including Christmas and Halloween, but please bare with me whilst I ease myself in to blogging again. If you would like to be in the know of when I upload then please go ahead and follow my on bloglovin’ or any other social media, all the links are below. Thanks guys.  
Dion xo
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