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Hey guys. As you can tell by the title, I have finished my first year of uni. And whilst to many that’s not a huge deal, especially since we are constantly told ‘first year doesn’t count’, to me it is everything. It was a chance to prove to myself that my illness cannot stop me from achieving anything.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I had a difficult time at uni last year, I was on a different course which I didn’t enjoy and I was super ill. (For those of you who don’t know that story you can read my failure of first year here.) Last year did not go to plan and so I left in February. Leaving uni was such a hard decision for me and I felt like I’d let everyone down, so to get the chance to start again was so important to me and that’s why this year meant so much.

Now this year has not been easy, I have still been ill, I have had to deal with shitty people and I have struggled with getting assignments in on time. But this year hasn’t all been bad. I have met some truly amazing people through work, uni and societies. I have had so much more support from uni, they have been a gem and it’s nice to finally have the support I need, to be told I’m on the right track, not that I need to ‘suck it up and get on with it’.

I have also been a lot more involved in uni life this year, granted I do  still make up shitty excuses and don’t always pull myself out of bed but I have pushed my anxiety to new bounds. I got myself a job and I went back to dance. Leaving dance was not easy and i did really miss it so, i joined the dance team. Being on this team alone has pushed my anxiety and made me a lot more confident in myself. This year on the team I have performed in a club and competed against other uni’s, all things I would never have done before and through all of that I made great friends. DDT is full of so many genuine people who are not just team mates but some of the greatest friends I have made this year. Its such a nice feeling to be surrounded by team mates who build you up and push you to better yourself. Not only did we win 3rd place at Manchester dance comp for our contemporary routine but we were also rewarded the most inclusive club award. Joining the team was definitely what got me through uni and I cannot wait to be the teams social sec next year.

Basically, overall this year has been kinda shit, but with great memories dotted along the way. I am super proud of myself for making it through the year, for not giving up when I really wanted to and whatever grade I come out with this year I will accept and work on next year. It may seem like a small achievement but I am a much stronger person then I was this time last year. I push myself more, I smile more and I am so much more confident in myself and my abilities. I am also so much healthier and that’s the most important thing. Im very emotional right now, but it’s time to go celebrate first year being over and my birthday tomorrow.

Bring on second year!

P.s Now that i have finished university for the year, you can expect a lot more blog posts. Some posts which will be up shortly will be all about my trip to croatia, my 20th birthday and my plans for summer. See you soon guys.


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