Hello November.
There are only two months left of the year and whilst this year hasn’t been the easiest for me, I am determined to finish it on a positve note. Thus being said, I decided to start the month of November with a trip to Chester Zoo, which was partially my boyfriends idea.

Chester Zoo is such a lovely day out for all ages. The Zoo itself is a registered charity, and just a small purchase from one of the Zoos gift shops can make a huge difference to the work they do with animals. The Zoo is also a conservation, which is something I wasn’t aware of. One of the things which was quite shocking to me, was finding out how many species are threatened by extinction. Prior to my trip to Chester Zoo I was aware of the decline in species, however, I had no idea how rapid this decline is becoming. Thus it is so important we support conservations, even if this is as little as visiting a local conservation.
I will leave links for anyone who interest in finding out more about the work Chester Zoo do at the bottom, but now for some photos.







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