Recently I have celebrated my 19th birthday, which means it’s my last year as a teenager: how crazy. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I turned 13 and spent the day get pampered at my local hair and beauty salon. How time flies.

 I spent this years birthday with the most amazing people. I went for lunch at Eds Diner on my actual birthday and then had a big night out at my favourite club the day after. It was so lovely to see all my friends and it meant a lot to me that so many of them made an effort to be there.

 It also made me realise how far I’ve came in a year and has inspired me to set myself goals for the year ahead. I won’t necessarily achieve all of them, however, it will be nice to reflect on these in a years time and again see how far I’ve came. 

Before I turn 20 I want to:

• Travel to places I’ve never been before     with friends. I mean I still haven’t been to Disney Land so if any one fancies it let me know!!

• Blog at least twice a week about things I feel strongly about. 

• Say yes to more things and stop worrying about what people will say when I do say yes.
• Be more healthy. I want to join a gym and take better care of myself. Especially since my IBS can challenge this.

• Try new foods. I am a very fussy eater and always stick to ‘safe foods’ when I’m at restaurants. I would love to be able to eat a wider range of food. However, it may be tricky to step outside my comfort zone. Which leads me onto my next point…

•  Step outside of my comfort zone. Say yes to last minute plans. Go on a roller coaster. Jump out of a plane (okay, that is a little to extreme, but you get what I’m trying to say).

• Throw some fun memorable parties or events, hopefully some for charity too. I love planning things, especially parties where I can invite friends over and just have a laugh.

• Make the most of everyday life. We don’t live forever so I want to try and make as many of my days the best they can be.

What things do you hope to achieve for the upcoming months or years? 

Dion xo 

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