Hey guys, how you doing? To mark the start of a new year and a new blogging platform, I thought I would let you get to know me a bit more, and so here is the 13 personal questions tag

1.  What do you order from starbucks?


Honestly, it depends what time of the year it is, i don’t drink tea or coffee, so there aren’t as many options for me. In summer I tend to order the cool lime refresha or the caramel cream, however, my go to all year round is definitely, the caramel hot chocolate.

2. What is one thing in your closet you currently can’t live without?

There are two things I can’t live without currently, one is my red tartan scarf from primark, which I have been wearing almost every day. The other is a mesh bodysuit from boohoo.


3. What is one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?

I can be quite lazy at the best of times and I’ve always been known as the performer, so I think most people would be surprised to know that I was very active when I was younger and part of a lot of sporting teams, such as Hockey, Badminton, Athletics and Cricket.

4. Name one thing you want to do before you die?

I think travelling to as many places is probably the main one but I really want my own little family one day too.

5. Name one food you can’t live without?

Cheese. I frickin love cheese, I would happily sit and eat a block of cheese. Failing that I just put it on literally everything.

6. What phrase or quote do you live by?

“Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

7. What’s one thing you would change about yourself?

Probably the way I over think or over analyse every little thing, whether thats what to say to a shop assistant when I need some help, or a bad situation. I literally over think everything. Even if it happend years ago.

8. What’s your most listened to song on iTunes?

I don’t use itunes, but I think the song I have listened to the most on spotify lately, is probably Lost Boy – Ruth B, or So Good – Louisa Johnson.

9.What kind of style would you define yourself by?

I’m honestly not too sure. I generally just wear whatever clothes fit well and catch my eye. I definitely want to try and dress more stylish in day to day life though.

10. Favourite number?

Number 12, my lucky number.

11. Two Hobbies?

Dance and blogging.


12. Two pet peeves?

My BIGGEST pet peave is loud and messy eaters, like it make me so angry to hear other people eat, I honestly cannot stand it. My other pet peeve is when you are walking somewhere and someone just suddenly stops right in front of you blocking your route. Like can you not?

13.  Guilty pleasure?

Either, oreo dairy milk, netflix, or both.

There you go, a few things you may not have known about me. If anyone else decides to do this tag, please do leave a link in the comments I would love to read your answers. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to give my blog a follow and check out the links to my other social media below.

See you soon.



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    1. Wow that would be amazing, I think I’d be too worried about snakes and spiders to go to Australia but it looks gorgeous xx

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