Excuse the pout i liked the lighting.

So for those of you who don’t know me very well and those who like to know more here’s some fun facts about me.
1.     I am literally so obsessed with elephant. I adore them. And when i say obsessed i mean it. Anyone who has seem my room will know this, it is full of elephant themed items.
2.     I have danced since i was 15 years old, i have done ballet, tap, modern and jazz but my specialty is contemporary and i hope to choreograph professionally one day.

Myself on pointe
3.     I did a lot of sports when i was younger and was on a few teams over the years including, cricket, badminton, hockey and cross country. I also competed in track athletics and received 3 medals, one of which was gold. 
4.     I love going out and dancing all night, if i could do it every night with no consequences i would. 
5.     I love being near open water, i find it really relaxing.

The fountains in Market Square Nottingham, photographed by myself,
6.    When i was younger i had a budgie called Joe Joe which was killed by my neighbours cat. It honestly broke my heart a little.
7.     If i could be anyone in the world i would probably be Anna Saccone Joly, her life and family is literally goals. If i ever have a family as loving as hers i would be so happy. 
8.     Watching TV series is my guilty pleasure, i am literally addicted to shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Geordie Shore, Prison Break. Most of my free time is probably spent binge watching tv. 
9.     In primary school i read a book every night. I loved books so much that i even voluntarily tided the library at school every lunch time for a year.
10. I know all the dialogue to Grease off by heart because in year 6 i used to watch it on video every day after school. It’s still my all time favourite film to this day.
11.  My favourite colour is blue.
12.  My dream job would be a choreographer or a counsellor,
13.  I would love to travel the world, which I am hoping to kick start by doing camp      America next summer.
14.  I don’t like tea or coffee, (unpopular opinion I know), so if we went to starbucks  together you would be likely to see me order a caramel hot chocolate.
15. Lanzarote is my favourite place in the whole world, I have been 5/6 times so far  and I honestly cannot wait to go again one day. It’s so beautiful there.

Sun beginning to set over a bay in Lanzarote, taken in 2013.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit more about me. Please leave any questions you may have in the comments below. And do give my previous posts a read too.

Thank you for reading,
Dion xo

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