Now i am no photography expert, i have no clue how to take ‘perfect’ photos, however, i thought i would share a few quick photos i took on a recent day out. Enjoy.

The warm weather is finally starting to arrive and hopefully, we will see no more snow for the time being. With the warm weather comes plenty of opportunities to get out and about. I, like many people, spend the majority of my time sat behind a screen, whether this be my laptop, the tv or more frequently my mobile. So i decided i needed to get myself out of the house and go for a long walk. It’s days like yesterday that remind me just how nice it is the step away from technology (apart from my camera of course), and just enjoy what the world has to offer. It was so refreshing to be outside surrounded by open land, water and animals. It’s something i will definitely be doing more of now the weather is improving.  I also want to play around with taking photo’s, so if anyone has any tips leave them in the comments.
Dion xo

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