Before I came to university, I had so many expectations of what I thought it would be like and now that I’m heading into my third university year, I thought I would share with you a few of my expectations vs reality.
Side note: Most of these are purely things i’ve heard said and no offence is intended to anyone. Enjoy.

Student Loans:
Expectation: Get in, free money, time to go buy a whole new wardrobe, eat out every night and generally just splash the cash. Might buy myself a whole new wardrobe, because why the hell not.

Reality: This is not true. You are lucky if your student finance covers your accommodation let alone feeds you. Most of you will probably end up living off basic food for the last few weeks, crying over you empty bank account. Whilst others will rely heavily on their overdraft and then regret it when their student finance comes in.


Expectations: You can’t wait to move away from home, into your ‘own’ flat. You assume that everyone you speak to in the uni group chats are going to become your new friends and you and all your flatmates will get on perfectly well. It’ll be like one big party, full of independence, no parents, no rules, right?

Reality: Wrong. Honesty, halls are a strange place. You probably won’t speak to the people you met pre university and you are randomly assigned flats. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You can read more about that here: (What if it doesn’t go to plan?). Which leads me onto my next point.

Flat Mates: 
Expectation: You will all socialise and make food together and go on nights out all the time. You will be one big happy family and it will be like an episode of friends everyday.

Reality: Unless you are extremely lucky and are living in a flat full of people you get on with, there is more than likely going to be at least one person you don’t get along with. There might also be an individual in the flat who never leaves their room. They will find any excuse to avoid all interactions, such as ordering takeaways to avoid the kitchen. Chances are they will be so quiet that you start to wonder whether they have died, however, you are soon reassured when the takeaway driver turns up outside.

Expectations: You have a cleaner to clean up after all the mess you make in the kitchen. You never have to do any washing up or take the bins out because it’s all done for you.

Reality: Unfortunately, the cleaner will not clean your kitchen, unless you clean it yourself. Which is kind of ridiculous but true.  Chances are your kitchen will have piles of dirty pots, until the day before the cleaners due and if you fail to do so, chances are you will receive quite an arsey note telling you they refuse to clean the kitchen because it’s not ‘clean’ enough. Which is such a well known phrase of a cleaner. You will also probably fight over who’s turn it is to take the bins out next, whilst crying into a box of cereal because you have no clean bowls.

“It’s easier then sixthform”:
Expectations: After being told repeatedly that Uni is easier then A Levels, that I’d have more time to just chill and barely any exams, I couldn’t wait to start.

Reality: Honestly, I wish this was true, chances are if you have free time during uni hours, you’ve forgotten something. And if you haven’t then there is reading to be done, or sources to find. There is no such thing as free time and quite frankly, A Levels seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

The SU Bar:
Expectations: It will be this cool bar that large crowds go to and hang out every week.

Reality: It’s a bar that most people tend to avoid unless there is a big social event on. It is either empty or extremely full, there doesn’t seem to be any in between, in fact, by the end of the year you give up on travelling to the SU for these events and just go to your favourite club instead.

So that’s a few of my takes on university expectations vs reality, if you enjoyed this kind of post please let me know as i really enjoyed writing it and if you have any other expectations vs reality that you’d like to share with me then please comment below.

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