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I have recently returned from another trip to Lanzarote, it wasn’t long ago that I was sharing pictures with you from my winter vacation there. As you can probably tell, I love it there, it’s pretty much my second home, so I jump at the chance of being able to go. So at the beginning of June me and my boyfriend headed to Lanzarote for our first holiday together. I had such an amazing week and managed to explore the beautiful island further. I took so many pictures and made so many amazing memories which I will be sharing with you all over the upcoming weeks. Starting today with my top five places to eat in Costa Teguise.

The following five restaurants are very different in what they offer, from daytime snacks, to three course meals. But they were places I loved and would happily visit again for a bite to eat. Each restaurant will be rated out of 5 on the following: Location, presentation (both food and restaurant), the service and finally the food. This will be followed by an overall rating out of 20. So in no particular order…

My Top 5 Places to Eat in Costa Teguise.

1. Cesare Ristorante Italiano

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Location: This quaint little restaurant was located close to some of the main hotels, right by the shops and close to the main beach promenade. Making it perfect location for an after meal walk to burn off some of that unwanted bloat. 4/5

Service: I honestly cannot fault the service, the server was so welcoming and friendly, from the minute we stepped in to the moment we left. We were shown to our table, presented with our menus and given a complementary glass of champagne. The host then returned and explained to me all the gluten-free options (as I have to cut as much gluten out of my diet wherever possible) and was super patient with me whilst I looked at which options would help limit the possibility of another IBS flare (i had been really ill the day before). Overall perfect service by all wait staff. 5/5.

Food: I was debating whether to have a gluten-free pizza or spaghetti Bolognese. In the end I settled for a Ham, Chicken and Margherita pizza and my boyfriend ordered the gluten-free Bolognese so I could have a bit of both (he does this a lot because he knows I will try to steal some of his food regardless). They were both lovely and the pasta was probably the best gluten-free pasta I have ever eaten. 4/5

Value for money: This restaurant is a bit on the pricey side, however, with all the free alcohol, it is totally worth it. You definitely pay for what you get. 4/5

Overall: 17/20.


2. The Dolphin Inn


Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water
The view from the promenade near The Dolphin inn, which is situated left of this picture

Location: This quirky little pub is hidden around the corner on the promenade, looking out over the beach. Its part of a line of pubs and restaurants, sat in the shade, perfect for a quick drink after a day on the beach. 3/5

Service: I have been coming to the dolphin inn for years. It’s a family tradition that every time we are in Costa Teguise we come to the Dolphin Inn for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, so of course I honoured this tradition. The reason we are so fond of this pub is because of the staff, they are so friendly and they enjoy having a laugh with all the customers. 5/5

Food: The food is your standard typical pub grub. The choice of food isn’t as wide as what you’d see in other restaurants/pubs on the Island but they did hunters chicken which is my favourite meal, so no complaints from me. The portions were a tad too big and I struggled to finish it all, but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. 4/5

Value for money: I must admit it is quite expensive to say its a little pub rather than a big fancy restaurant. With a beer costing 5 euros, the most we paid all week for one drink. However, the people who go there return several times, it is always full of people. this is due to the friendly welcoming atmosphere, quizzes and fun activities during the evenings. 3/5

Overall: 15/20

3. The Beach Bar

Location: The Beach Bar is prime location, directly in front of the main beach Playa de las Cucharas as pictured above. Perfect for if you get a bit peckish during a sunbathing session on the beach. It came in handy so often. 5/5

Service: I can’t really comment much on the service, since we only really went in for snacks, but I will admit one of the bar staff was bit icy towards us. But we weren’t really bothered about this since we only wanted snacks. 3/5

Food: The food was very basic, consisting of little snacks you could take away to the beach with you. We ended up getting toasties and the cheese was the best cheese I’d had all week. They were just what we needed really. 4/5

Value for money: This little bar was super cheap and affordable, two toasties and two drinks came to under 10 Euros, which was perfect. 5/5

Overall: 17/20

4. The Lighthouse

Location: Again this restaurant was located in the centre a short walk from the beach, which could be seen from the windows of the restaurant. It had two entrances, one of which was wheelchair accessible. All in all great location. 4/5

Service: The staff were all super friendly, they presented the menus to us on arrival and the food came in less than 20 minutes, both at breakfast and lunch. 5/5

Food: We went to the Lighthouse on two occasions, one was for breakfast and the other was for a quick snack before we headed to the airport. The food was great both times and I highly recommend it for those who are on a budget and are in need of some good english grub. 4/5

Value for money: The Lighthouse is great value for money, everything on the menu is under 10 euros, perfect for any budget. 5/5

Overall: 18/20

5. Pablo’s Restaurant:

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Location: This restaurant is situated right next door to the Lighthouse, in a shaded square surrounded by many other restaurants and bars, making it prime location for after dinner cocktails and drinks. 5/5

Service: The service was great, the wait staff were super friendly and presented you with your menus on arrival. They took your orders quickly and bought anything out as quickly as possible. The restaurant was very busy so they did hurry you along slightly but all in all the service was excellent. 5/5

Food: The restaurant was an italian grill restaurant meaning there were plenty of different options. We started off with a side of cheesy garlic bread, which was followed by the best meal I have ever eaten. I ordered spaghetti Bolognese and it did not disappoint. If you are in Lanzarote and you fancy pasta or Italian I cannot recommend this place enough. 6/5

Value for money: Although this restaurant didn’t have the cheapest of menus I would definitely say it was worth every penny. We didn’t really have a budget, it came to around 30 euros in total for the two of us, which isn’t too bad. The food was worth it. I would visit here again. 5/5

Overall: 21/20

As you can tell I really enjoyed dining out over the course of my holiday with Pablo’s restaurant being my favourite of the week. If you ever find yourself in Costa Teguise and aren’t sure where to go, I highly recommend any of the above, they will not disappoint.

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