People always talk about how much of a negative impact words can have, but people rarely speak about how powerful words can be. Words are the most powerful thing in humanity. Words can do a lot of damage but they also have the power to help, heal and encourage a person. Whenever I am having a bad day, whenever I feel like giving up, something as small and as simple as someone saying ‘i’m here for you’, makes a huge difference. It’s so easy to get caught up in gossip, it’s so easy to slate a person, but its also just as easy to be kind and compliment someone. If you like someones makeup, tell them, if someone walks past you, smile, say hi, because you never know, that simple ‘hi’ could make someones day that little bit better. In a world where we spend so much of our times communicating either online or offline, its so easy to make a difference, even if that’s just leaving a nice comment on someones instagram photo, it doesn’t have to be a massive gesture. There are so many things lately that have upset me but there have also been so many people who have raised me up. People who have said things to me and without even knowing whats going on, without even intending to, have given me hope, a reason to smile, a tiny little push. Some of these people have been strangers, people I have spoke to for 5 minutes, but these small interactions made a big difference. What i’m trying to say is you get to decide how you communicate. You have the ability to improve someones day. There is always going to be gossiping and bitchy comments passed about, it’s a normal human response, but I definitely think we could all try a spread a little more kindness around and use words more positively.


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