In life we constantly plan for the future. We make lists of all the places we wish to visit and the things we want to achieve. This is great and often a lot of fun, however, It can often become very deflating if we don’t get to ticks these plans off. Thats why it’s super important to make a note of the things you’ve achieved: a reverse bucketlist. It is a celebration of your past and also a reminded that you will get to do many great things in life, regardless of whether or not they fall onto your bucketlist.

So here is my reverse bucketlist, a list of my acomplishments, some may only be small, whilst some are a lot more significant. All, however, have may me the person I am today.

Dion’s Reverse Bucketlist:

  1. Went Snorkeling
  2. Went Ciff diving
  3. Travelled to croatia
  4. Went Skinny Dipping in Majorca (sorry mum)
  5. Took a selfie with an elephant
  6. Took part in a 24hr relay for charity
  7. Got into university
  8. Explored the volcanoes in Lanzarote
  9. Paddled in the Manavgat Waterfall in turkey
  10. Went to a paint partyZante
  11. Competed at my first dance competition
  12. Choreographed my own dance show for charity
  13. Dyed my hair a crazy colour
  14. Visited a zoo
  15. Climbed the Eiffel Tower
  16. Posed in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa
  17. Drove past the Swizz alps
  18. Completed my first year of uni
  19. Completed my second year of uni
  20. Moved away from home
  21. Recieved medals in athletics (track)
  22. Volunteered in a school for disabilities
  23. Taught baby ballet
  24. Set up my own website
  25. Fell in love
  26. Uploaded a singing cover
  27. Played the part of Sharpay in high school musical
  28. Played a dynamite from hairspray
  29. Sang in a choir
  30. Played for a hockey team

And that is just the start, whilst I continue going through life there is no doubt that I will achieve many more things. Even if i don’t get to swim with dolphins or travel to Australia, I will still achieve amazing things, some of which I would never dream of.

(This post was inspired by Katy Mackenzie, who’s reverse bucketlist can be read here.)

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