Hey guys, so lately I’ve spent a fair bit of time testing out new products. All of which are from brands I’ve never really used before. So that being said, here’s the first brand I’ve been loving lately:
For those of you who may not be aware of nyx; it’s a makeup brand which is slowly being introduced into Boots nationwide. It is also sold in Selfridges and online at feel unique, very and Asos. It’s also a brand I’d heard many good things about, so i have been excited to try the brand out. 
Recently, my local boots store in Nottingham, has introduced the full NYX counter in store. I must admit I was very excited about this and was super impressed with the range of shades and products on offer.
So what did I buy:
One of the first things I picked up was this empty eyeshadow pallet. I have always wanted to create my own pallet. But i’ve never really had the opportunity too. So when i saw that NYX, had a make your own pallet counter, i was super excited. 
At the counter, you have an option to create a pallet of 4 or 6 colours, with a large range of individual shades to slot inside. The 4 shade pallets cost £3.50, whilst the 6 shade pallets i believe, cost £4.50. Each individual eye shadow shade is £2.50.
I decided on a 4 shade pallet to start off with and chose the following shades:
Hot Singles Eye Shadow – Shade Over the Taupe
Hot Singles Eye Shadow – Shade Sin
Hot Singles Eye Shadow – Shade Top Notch
Hot Singles Eye Shadow – Gold Lust 

And this is what it looks like all together: 

The four shades above are ones I wear on a daily basis. So I’m really excited to create looks with these. The shadows are also super pigmented, I am really impressed with the quality and I look forward to creating new pallets, as well as swapping out colours when my colour preferences change. I also think it could make a really nice birthday present for someone. 
I am definitely someone, who enjoys suggesting new makeup products for my friends to try out, so i think it would be super fun to create pallets for my friends to test out.

I also picked up a Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Cannes. The Matte Lip Creams are probably the most popular NYX product on sale, retailing at £5.50. The only problem with them being really popular, was that a lot of the shades were sold out.

 Surprisingly the formula isn’t drying a all, which makes it stand out from your typical, drying matte lip products, which are out today. I will definitely be purchasing more shades in the future. 

That is all of the NYX products I have purchased so far. I am super impressed with the NYX range, i can tell it will be a favourite brand of mine in months to come and you can be sure that NYX will regularly pop up in my monthly favourites.
That’s it for now don’t forget to follow my blog, Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates. And i will be back soon.
Dion xo


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