Something that’s been bothering me a lot lately is when people assume someone has a ‘perfect life’. This is often because of what they see on a persons Facebook or Instagram etc. But in reality, not one single person in this whole world has a perfect life. Everyone has their own problems just not everyone likes to share them. 

It’s easy to hate on people who seem to have everything easy, they may get ‘perfect’ grades or have ‘perfect’ hair and makeup. However behind all that, there could be a boy who’s depriving himself of sleep because he’s overwhelmed with anxiety, someone who puts pressure on themselves to please their parents or a girl who wakes up everyday fighting a inner battle with self hatred, forcing herself to put on a smile. Just because someone comes across to you as happy, healthy or perfect, doesn’t mean they don’t have their own problems. Also, you may find yourself wishing you were like others, wishing you had their perfect lives, but they could be wishing to be like you. Just be kind and look out for each other, we are all human, we all have feelings and we all face challenges and hardships. No one has a perfect life. No one is happy 24/7. ‘Everyone is going through something. So be kind.’

Dion xo 

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