Throughout life you will meet thousands of  people, some who you will simply pass by you in street, some who will stay around for a limited time and some for a longtime. People do come and go, but the thing we need to remember is that not everyone will be a positive influence in our lives. One of the things that separates the positive people from the negative is: time. Those who truly care about you will make the time for you. 

It’s easy for people to use the excuse, “I was too busy”. However, if someone really cares about you they will make time for you no matter what. If someone can leave you upset or ignore you when you need them most they are not worth you worrying about. I like many have spent a lot of time being angry at friends who haven’t replied to a message or who ignored me, but really I shouldn’t care.  It takes one minute to message someone and If someone can’t even spare a minute of their day to check you are okay or respond to your message are they really a friend you want in your life? Let’s be honest no one is busy every second of every day and if someone can post a snapchat or browse through Facebook they can respond to a text 

True friends will never leave you feeling alone or unimportant. True friends will always make time for you. So don’t worry about those people who ignore your messages, instead focus on the friends who make time for you and want to listen. True friends will empower you and over time you will find out who those true friends are. I have and I’m so thankful for those people. 

Dion xo 

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