Hey guys, it’s that time again, where I show (and tell) you the things I’ve been loving this previous month. First up we have:
Recently, I have been loving the makeup brand: Makeup Revolution. It’s an affordable brand which is sold in superdrug and is often over looked due to how cheap it is. However, I am really impressed with the brand and the products they’ve produced. I am especially loving the eye pallets, of which includes the, Redemption Pallette Essential Shimmers. 

The pallet has a gorgeous range of gold and bronze shimmery shades; there are 14 shades in total, meaning a range of different eye looks can be achieved. For those of you who aren’t into shimmery shades, there is a matte pallet with almost identical colours also for sale. The shadows themselves, as you can see are quite pigmented – apart from the lighter shades which need building up. The one problem with this pallet, I would say, is that there is a it of fallout. But the colours are so beautiful I can ignore this factor. And all of this for just £4: absolute bargain! 
The next thing I have been loving by Makeup revolution is the Vivid Baked Highlighter in the colour Peach Lights. 

Excuse the shameless selfie and red under eye, but I fricking love this highlighter. Although, admittedly it is not as pigmented as I would like it to be, the buildable colour achieved as pictured above, is just beautiful and I will definitely be repurchasing this and looking into the other highlighters they have to offer. It’s such a lovely peach tone and looks amazing in pictures, it’s simply perfect for the summer months. 
The last thing I have been loving from Makeup Revolution is the Salvation Velvet Lacquer, in the shade Velvet Black Heart. 
For some unknown reason, I have developed a love for vampy shades of lipstick. And as you can see, this is a very deep shade of purple which, I must admit, under some lights can be mistaken for black. This lipstick is however really sticky, but this can be solved by simply moisturising and blotting your lips. Stickiness aside, the pigment and the colours itself are perfect vampy shades. If you can’t deal with sticky lips from time to time this lipstick is definitely not for you. 
Makeup revolution aside, I have also been loving the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in the shade clueless and a PS… Lip liner. 

In case you were unaware, there have been a lot of posts around the internet showing that the Kylie Jenner lipsticks have the same formula as Colour Pop liquid lipsticks and their shade clueless is an identical dupe for Kylies Candy K. After receiving my Colour Pop lipsticks I am SO glad I didn’t spend all that money on a Kylie lipkit. They can be very drying if you don’t moisturise and exfoliate your lips regularly before use, however, they are super pigmented and they do stay on throughout the day. One thing I don’t like about the product is the fact it is very staining and even after you remove the lipstick a bright pink colour remains on your lips. I tend pair this with a cheap lip liner in a shade unknown to me, which I picked up on a whim from primark for £1. 

Finally for beauty I have been loving my L’Oreal True Match foundation. 

After venturing towards Rimmels Wake Me Up, which I hated – it’s far too shimmery – I came back to my trusty True Match. It glides on so smoothly an blends almost effortlessly. 

Fragrance wise I have been loving my Armani perfume which was kindly gifted to me on my birthday by my lovely boyfriend.

Aside from all the beauty favourites of he month, which is a lot. I have a few other things I would like to share with you.
Firstly: depop. I am loving this app. If you have depop then go check out my page: @littlemisssass, cheeky little plug there. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a site which lets you buy and sell a range of items without the hassle of getting into a bidding war. 
Another favourite of mine is The walking Dead. It’s safe to say I am finally hooked on this programme and binge watch whenever I have the chance. 
As some of you may remember from my last favourites, I mentioned how addicted to Teen wolf I was, in particular the supernatural aspect of it. This led me to start reading the mortal instruments again. After diving back into the series I now remember how much I love those books and the film. 
My penultimate favourite is bodysuits. I currently own 3 and I think they are perfect pieces to have in your wardrobe. I’m a girl who loves to tuck tops into jeans, but there are only so many times I can bare to re tuck, bodysuit just eliminate this problem making life so much easier. They are perfect for nights out, as well as everyday wear. I look forward to purchasing more.
Finally, I am loving The Book Cafe in Derby. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’d like to do a blog post on it but If you live nearby and haven’t yet been definitely go check it out,  it is the cutest cafe and it deserves so much more recognition. 
And that’s it for this post. Sorry it’s been a long one there’s just been so much I’ve been loving lately. Thanks for reading.
Dion xo 
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