Hey Guys, I am finally back to blogging. I know it has been a while but I have been super busy and honestly, I’ve just needed time to focus on myself before sitting down to write some posts.
So this morning I was talking to my best friend from back home and we were talking about old times, in particular our time at Sixthform. The funny thing is before we came to uni, we spent the whole of Sixthform counting down the days until we could leave and go to uni. We thought Sixthform was the worst thing in the world and that uni would solve everything. Everyday was another day that we hated being there, but looking back, we both agreed that we would love to relive those days again; they were some of the best memories we have.

In life we often spend so much time counting down to future events that we forget to appreciate what it currently going on. Currently I am counting down the days till university is done for the year, I honestly cannot wait to get home to see all my friends. However, when I look back at Sixthform and how much time I spent hating it and wanting to leave, I realise just how great it actually was. The free periods I got to spend with my best friends, talking about things that bothered us and just having a laugh, are moments I wish I could have over and over again.

When things aren’t going great, i’ll admit looking to the future gives us something to look forward to, it makes everyday worth it, however, despite being super happy that there’s not long left, I want to just make the most of everyday, because I know for sure once uni is over, I will regret not doing more. So instead of not doing things because of certain people or just sitting in doing nothing, I want to do more and be myself without worrying.

I also want to spend less time on my phone when i’m out and about. Social media is great and so is technology but it takes away so much from that moment. I’ll be honest, I spend far too much time on my phone, I’ll often sit and scroll over and over and see the same post repeatedly, but why? It’ll all still be there later on. Memories and photographs are so much more meaningful then keeping up with the latest fb drama.

So with all that said here’s a few thing I am going to do to ‘live in the moment’:

  • Say ‘yes’ to doing more things
  • Be myself and do the things that make me happy
  • Go out in the city and find new places to go, whether this be a new cafe or a park
  • Make the effort to catch up with old friends
  • Take more pictures to remember the memories
  • Try to challenge all my negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Get out in the sun more on the rare occasion when its actually sunny!
  • Spend less time on my phone when i’m enjoying myself

What i’m trying to get at is, that although things may seem shit at the minute and that it’s easier to focus on the negative, there is also so many great moments happening. You may hate the place you are in right now, but one day you too might look back on a time you thought was shit and wish you could go back to that moment. As cringey as this may sound, cherish the finer things in daily life because you never know how important these moments may be to you one day.

Thanks for reading guys, until next time.


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