Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted, in all honestly I haven’t been feeling myself lately and I just lost motivation for everything. However, I am determined to get back on track and return to my usual sassy bubbly self.

Sometimes everything just gets a little too much. Lately I have found myself being dragged into far too much pointless drama or had people try and create drama that doesn’t need to be created. Honestly, i am sick of it and I am sick of those people. You would think that once people reached a certain age they would know how to grow up, but apparently not. Apparently some people can’t survive without stiring the pot. I have also let these people get to me far too easily lately, I have let them get inside my head and effect the way I see other people. Which isn’t fair. Deep down I know these people are lying and I know that they aren’t worth it, but on the surface it bugs me. Which is why I am so grateful for the majority of the people around me. The ones who build me up and make me laugh.

Life is better when you’re laughing.

Despite having my bad moments over the last two weeks, I have had moments where I have laughed so hard, found myself smiling when I really didn’t want to and feeling so blessed to be in these moments. Yes, there are fake people in my life but there are also some really great people in my life, people who drive me crazy but mean the world to me, especially some of the lads and the dance team, they never fail to keep me sane and they have my back always.

Life is too short to let petty people have a say. I used to feel guilty about cutting people off but i’ve lost people who meant the world to me, I don’t care about losing those who aren’t worth it.

Bye for now guys x


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