Hey guys, so a lot of you have sent me questions about uni and freshers that you would like me to answer, so in no particular order, here goes:
Q: What were you expectations prior to moving in and were these expectations met? If not why?
A:   I expected university to be the answer to all of problems, i honestly believed that university would make all of the bad things in my life go away. So did it meet my expectations? No. University isn’t going to magically make everything better, honestly, it just moves your problems to another city, however, there is so more support available, i honestly believed that we were on our own once we were there but there are genuinely some really supportive people you can reach out to. so i was happy with that. 
Q: Did you have a job during uni and if so is it possible to have flexible hours?
A: I didn’t have a job, but i was quite fortunate with the loan i received and was also very successful with budgeting. I was also lucky enough to have such cheap accommodation for most of my time at uni, so i didn’t need to have a job. As for flexible hours, i think it really depends on who you are working for. If you chose a job that has a lot of staff who are students then i think it’s very easy to get flexible hours. Otherwise, i’d suggest getting a Saturday job to begin with and then you can let your boss know what other days you could work, such as your days off, or if there’s any evenings you could do.
Q: Are you still friends with the people you met during freshers week?
A: I honestly only really speak to one of the people i met during freshers week: Amy, who i consider to be one of my best friends, i trust her so much and we stuck by each other through all of the flat drama, which i am grateful for. 
But if im honest during freshers you meet so many people, but once the buzz of the events wears off you don’t really speak to half of them. To be honest, most of the friends i made who i still speak to, i didn’t meet until around November time, through societies, moving halls and through friends of friends. So don’t worry if you don’t meet any one during freshers or if the people you meet don’t speak to you much after, there are so many ways to meet people. Leading me on to my next question…
Q: What advice would you give in regards to making friends?
A: Get yourself out there. Speak to people in your lectures; this is important because you will be spending the next 3 or more years surrounded by these people. Join societies or sports teams and attend the socials. I also met a lot of people on nights out, through pre drinks and random chats in the toilets. Something i learnt is, if you get invited to a party or pre drinks where you only know one or two people there, go away. Even though it will probably be really awkward at first, you will get to meet a lot of new people.
Q: Are in flat romances a thing?
A: They can be but i wouldn’t reccomend them. You have to remember that you are living with this person for a whole year and if something goes wrong, it can be very awkward not just for you but everyone else in the flat. Lets be honest at some point they will probably bring someone back and at that point you’re probably not going to be very happy but you’ll have to deal with. 
It may seem like a good idea, you get to spend a lot of time with them and you can have cute little movie nights, but seriously from experience it can get very confusing, complicated and stressful very quickly, which never ends well. Luckily i can laugh about it now but my advice would be to try and avoid getting romantically involved with a flatmate. 
Q: What are some fun things to do if you prefer a night in?
A: Here are a few of the things i loved to do when i needed a quiet night in:
– Movie nights
– A few quiet drinks over card games such as cards against humanities
– Pamper nights with the girls
– An old fashioned sleep over
– Catching up with friends and family over face time
– Gossiping with flat mates
– (And my most preferred night in) Binge watching Netflix
So that is all for part one of my freshers Q&A, if you have any questions please let me know. 
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Dion xo

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