It’s that time again where i answer your Q’s with A’s.  First off, I want to say a huge congratulations to everyone who got into university today. 
Q: What was the best and worst thing about your uni experience so far?

A: The worst thing was being in a flat that had a hostile environment but the best thing was meeting amazing friends and going on some cracking nights out. 
Q: How difficult would you say it is to adjust to university life? (Timetable, work load, socialising, etc.)

A: Adapting to your timetable is tricky as first, many of you will be used to typical 9-3 hours, which means it can be hard to adapt to shorter hours at random times off the day. However, it soon becomes the norm and you get used to it. The work load is harder because you have to adapt to being more independent then you are used to, but you get by. As for socialising, you are young, go out and have fun but remember to not leave things to the last minute because contrary to popular belief, first year does count and if you mess up it will make second year more difficult. 
Q: Are there any coping mechanisms for people who struggle with anxiety?

A: I myself struggle with anxiety so some of the thing i did to help myself were, going to the well being centre and joining societies to help push myself to meet new people. I also downloaded apps such a Relax Lite, which help you calm your breathing down, I also recommend carrying a mini colouring book in your bag for any spare moments where you are feeling a bit anxious but you have time to calm yourself down. But most importantly talk to someone, don’t suffer in silence, talk to you flat mates, talk to you lecturers or a friend. Don’t go through uni struggling, there is always help available, 

Q: What was your best night?

A: This is a really hard question because i’ve had some really good nights out. It was definitely a night at walkabout that’s for sure, it was either the night we managed to persuade my flat mate Chloe to come out or the night i went out with Amy and bumped into Alyx and we were all absolutely mortal. 
Q: At derby uni which types of night out are the best?

A: Walkabout Wednesday’s Mukky Duck, definitely. 
Q: Favourite memories of uni in pictures.



Zoo Party


Alyx : a drunken snap from one of my favorite nights out. 
Ames | Mukky Duck

Kyle | Mosh

One of my favourite nights, the night me and Anjaly got Chloe out and on the Sambuca.

Q: Finally what advice do you give to upcoming freshers?

A: Make the most of it. You aren’t young forever, you will have fights, you will stress about deadlines but don’t forget to have fun. Join societies, join sports teams, go on the uni trips, go on days out and make the most of all the opportunities you are given. Put yourself out there, you don’t remember the days you sat in bed watching netflix all day, make memories. And just remember there is always help available if you need it. The next 3 or more years of your life will be some of the best, so enjoy it whilst you can. 
Dion xo 

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