Hey guys, firstly I want to breifly apologise for the lack of posts last week, I was having a stressful time and chose to focus on my health rather then push myself to write a blog post. But I am back and I am finally getting to tell you about the products I have recently purchased from Kiko Milano.
If you don’t already know, Kiko Milano is an independent makeup store which is

slowly spreading into shopping centers and citys throughout the UK. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a store nearby you can also purchase any Kiko product online. The products are great quality and super afforfable, so definitely check out a nearby store or the website out if you haven’t already. But with that said, lets move on to the products.


Lip Products
I will admit, I did initially purchase this on a bit of whim. I had no real intention of wearing this, it was just one of those things you buy in the sale because it looks pretty. However, I tried it on and it is amazing. It’s a gorgeous sheen consistency, super soft and really shimmery. It looks so nice on the lips and honestly I love it. It’s definitely shown me that sometimes taking a risk and picking a product you might not usually go for definitely pays off and at the usual price of £3.90 you can’t really go wrong.
This next product is probably my new favourite lipstick. Firstly lets talk about the packaging. How fricking gorgeous is it. This is by far the prettiest lipstick packaging I have ever seen and the concept of the packaging is also really clever. To get to the lipstick, you click the button on the top and the bottom of the lipstick pops out. Once you are done, you then push the base and the lipstick clicks back into place, meaning the lid won’t fall off. I honestly think this is genious, it’s the perfect way to ensure your lipstick won’t get broken, if the lids falls off in the bottom of your handbag. The formula of this product again, is super soft and really pigmented, perfect for every day wear. And at £10.90 it’s not going to break the bank.
Overall, I will admit that I prefer Kiko lipsticks to MAC right now. I know a lot people love MAC lipsticks, I do myself, however, give Kiko a try because they are just as good if not better and lets be honest they are much more affordable.
Eye Products
 This mascara is hands down the best mascara I have ever used, it beats all the benefit ones and my previous go to mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational. Again this product was on promotion, which swayed me into trying it. I have been using this mascara now for well over a month, almost two and it is yet to let me down. It makes my lashes super long and most importantly it doesn’t clump. I honeslty cannot fault this product, I use it daily and I highly reccomend it. It is a little more expensive then ones you’d find it boots, but like I said for me, personally, it beats both They’re Real and Roller Lash by Benefit, so at £9.90 you can’t go wrong.
Finally, the last product I picked up in my recent Kiko splurge was this gorgeous stick eyeshadow. Usually it retails at £6.90, however, I do believe mine was £2.90 in the sale. I have previously bought one of these and I was really impressed with the pigment and the formula, however, the shade did not suit me at all, so I never used it. This shade is much more suited and really makes blue eyes pop, it goes perfect with a soft brown in the crease, perfect for day and night.One thing that could be a negative, is the fact is drys really quickly and doesn’t transfer, meaning if you don’t blend it quick enough, it is really difficult to work with. But on the other side of the argument, you could argue that it’s a good thing because it means the pigment remains for hours, perfect for a night out.
As you can see, I have been super impressed with Kiko, it is fast becoming my favourite makeup brand. However, I have only tried the above so far, so if you have any suggestions for any Kiko products I may like, please do let me know in the comments, or even share your Kiko loves so I can check them out and I will see you all soon with another blog post.
Much Love
Dion xo
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