The quote pictured above, is one i had hung up on my wall in my uni room. It was right next to my mirror so it was something i saw every morning and night. One of my flatmates, whenever he saw me unhappy, confused or anxious about something, would always point at it and say in a really irritating voice: ‘ Do More of What Makes You Happy.’ As much as i used to pretend like it annoyed the hell out of me, it did make me laugh and because of the constant repetition it is something that has popped into my head quite frequently.
There will come a time in everyone’s lives where you get to a point when you just can’t continue living life the way you do anymore. For me that time came whilst i was at uni. It was very difficult for me, i had no clue what i was doing, i wasn’t happy and i was ill all the time. I was on a course, (Dance) that i really wasn’t enjoying and the stress of being on that course was making me more and more ill. In the end i just asked myself what i was doing, why was i continuing something that made me so unhappy? Eventually, i decided to speak to the uni and discuss the possibility of dropping out and coming back in September, and that was approved. It wasn’t easy to leave, i’d just become settled in a new city, i’d made so many amazing supportive friends and i’d just met my boyfriend. As well as that. dance had always been my main passion and leaving that behind was the hardest decision i have made. But honestly, it was the best decision i could have made at the time, and although i often think i could have stuck it out that bit longer, i know it was the right choice to leave. I am so much happier and healthier. And if there is one think i learnt last year, health and happiness have to be your main priority. 
If there is something or someone in your life that isn’t positively contributing to it, ask yourself if you really need them in your life. Yes, it’s difficult to walk away from things and people, especially if they’ve been apart of your life for a long time. But i guarantee you will not regret walking away from the things that make you unhappy. You do not need to say yes to going places that make you feel anxious. You do not have to hang out or speak to the people who bring you down. You control your own life. You get to decide whether you wake up smiling or crying. Yes, it is easier said then done, but if your goal is to be happy, you need to make decisions that aren’t easy.
So my challenge for all of you reading this is to cut out something negative from your life. It doesn’t have to be something as big as mine was, it could simply be, not talking to that girl/boy who mocks you, or avoiding a certain place that makes you feel anxious.
Throw away the negative people and things and do more of what makes you happy.
With love
Dion xo

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