Today I bought this beautiful charcoal print by the lovely Charlie Mackesy called Girl. I thought It was fitting since the girl appears to be literally stripped bare but yet she is still shying away covering herself up from the view of others.
Hey guys, I would like to start a mini series based around, health, whether this be mental health implications, general health or things connected to body confidence and esteem. I decided to start the series off with a post about being pre judged.

In life we are very quick to judge people on their persona. We assume that what we see is what we get, but this isn’t always the case. Every single person has things they don’t want to talk about and a lot of people will have a different personality they present to different groups of people or idividuals. We place ourselves behind a wall and in front of that wall is all the things we reveal and the rest stays hidden behind the wall. People automatically asume that the way a person looks or behaves is exactly who they are. However, this isn’t always the case: I myself am a walking paradox.
I have social anxiety, I hate big crowds, I hate being put on the spot, yet I am always the first person to suggest a night out in a club surrounded by loads of people. I love socialising and going out but social occasions freak me out. This often leads to confusion, people don’t seem to understand how someone who loves to go out and seems so confident, is anxious and on the verge of a break down. But it’s true.
People always seem to describe me as this confident, happy girl, and so some fail to believe me when I tell them I have low self esteem, I suffer from anxiety or that I hate unfamiliar places. They tell me that I shouldn’t feel this way, but why not? Just because someone may look or act a certain way and even have a certain life, does not make their feelings any less valid.
Every person you walk past is fighting a battle you can’t see.

Someone who may appear the most confident person in the world may have self esteem issues. That boy who always seems happy, may have a mental illness. Someone who appears physically healthy may suffer from an illness or eating disorder. Let’s be honest guys, we never truly know how a person feels or what they are going through, unless they tell us.

It is so easy to assume that people have somewhat ‘perfect’ lives when that’s the impression they give off, but no one has a perfect life, everyone has ‘skeletons in the closest’. Please don’t ever brush off someones feelings because of how they present themselves on the outside. If you are feeling wrongly judged, don’t worry you are not alone, it happens more often then you think and as long as you know the truth that’s all that matters.
Dion xo
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2 thoughts on “Behind The Wall”

  1. Such a beautiful piece of art and I loved this article! It rang very true, mental illness disables you in horrific ways. At my worst, I couldn't bath/shower on my own and couldn't let my mum go in a different room or upstairs without me being there, I was terrified! I would just shout and shout to make sure she was still there, and it was the most degrading thing, I couldn't live my own life 🙁 your blog is lovely, can't wait to read more! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    P.S I wondered, would you like to enter my special Too Faced Gingerbread palette giveaway? You will be so very welcome!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you are well and if not stay strong, even sharing your story is so brave/strong. Thank you for your kind words!


    P.s I would love to enter your giveaway.

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