Hey Guys, as all of you will be aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and whilst some of you reading this will be celebrating (myself included for once), there are many people that are anti-valentine’s day, for whatever reason, which is perfectly fine. Valentine’s is a day which is commonly set out for couples, but why can’t it be about an individual too?. So if you aren’t celebrating it with a partner this Valentine’s, here are some ideas on how you could spend the day/evening.

(Just a side note: personally, I have never really liked Valentine’s Day, I have always said that you shouldn’t need to wait for a specific day to show someone you love them, however, I will be taking part this year as it’s something my partner quite likes. However, if i were single or taking part in Anti-Valentines, these are a few of the things I would consider doing or have done previously.)


A Pamper Night

Why not spend your evening pampering yourself instead? Buy a few face masks, paint your nails, grab yourself a bottle of wine and sit back and relax. You could even invite the girls round for a girls night in, put on some movies and have a gossip.

A Movie Night

Grab some sweets and popcorn, set up a comfy corner and get yourself ready for a movie marathon. Either watch a bunch of rom-coms or if you are completely anti-valentines, why not have a horror movie marathon, there’s nothing romantic about that.

Throw an Anti-Valentines Party

Get all your single friends together or even couples who hate Valentines and party the night away. It might not leave you feeling relaxed and pampered but you will sure forget about what day it is.

Get Organised

Instead of seeing Valentine’s Day as a big deal, just view it as any other Tuesday and get everything that needs to be done, done. It may be a boring task but you’ll thank yourself the next day.

Girls day/night

Go out with the girls, whether that be on a night out or a trip to a coffee shop. Anything goes, just have a laugh.

Valentine’s Day may be a special day, but please remember that for some people it isn’t a great day for various reasons. Do not feel like you have to celebrate or have someone to share the day with. Embrace being single and spend the day however the hell you want to. No ones there to stop you. Also, it’s okay to be in a relationship and not want to celebrate it, it doesn’t make your relationship mean any less.

Happy Anti-Valentine’s guys.

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