Me snorkelling in Lanzarote, something I have always been scared to do


Hey guys, for those of you who know me, you will know that I struggle from anxiety. This means I tend to stick within my comfort zone. However, lately this just isn’t enough, I’ve found myself longing for more. The following list is 21 things I would like to do before I turn 21 or soon after. They are a mixture of things I know I need to do and things I have always wanted to do, so lets see if I can step out of my comfort zone and to all my friends that may be reading this please push me to do more things.

21 Things To Do Before I Turn 21

1.  Learn to drive… or at least start – I keep saying I will learn to drive soon but it just never happens. Hopefully I’ll have started before I turn 21.

2. Learn an instrument – I’m 20 and I can’t play an instrument (I mean i can play the recorder but that’s hardly impressive is it?). I would love to take up the Piano again, I know the basic notes I just never got round to learning the chords.

3. Go camping in a tent – Not just glamping, but actual camping, like in a tent, outside.

4. Go to Amsterdam – I have always wanted to get a group together and go to Amsterdam on a really low budget, as in stay in a really cheap hostel sorta budget. So if anyone fancies a budget trip to dam, let me know!

5. Get a tattoo – Now a tattoo is very permanent, but so is having a child and I know which i’d prefer right now.

I would love some sort of elephant design on my ankle similar to this henna I got

6. Go hiking, without directions – because why not get lost in nature and then freak out about having no way to contact help.

7. Have a bonfire gathering – I have always wanted to host a bonfire party, they just seem so chill.

8. Plan an amazing 21st – Now party planning is one of my favourite things to do and whilst i have a lot of ideas for my twenty first, i still need to plan something. Maybe a squad trip to Amsterdam.

9. Start saving and keep saving – I have a really bad habit of putting money in my savings account and then removing it two weeks later. It needs to stop.

10. Go to a gig – the last gig I went to was Cher Lloyd when I was like 13… that needs to be changed.

11. Go to an escape rooms and escape – I have always wanted to do this, but barely anyone seems up for it. I just love putting clues together. It would be so much fun.

12. Try new restaurants – I am really bad at eating out, if someone were to ask me on a date to go for a meal I would probably say no regardless of how much I liked them. I’m a super fussy eater, I either don’t like most things on the menu or I can’t eat many of them. It would be great to feel more comfortable about eating out.

The best food I have ever eaten

13. Get another piercing – because why the hell not

14. Watch the sunrise on a beach – Beaches and beautiful skies are two of my favourite things but I’m never awake early enough to see a sunrise, or if I am I’m steaming, walking home with half a mcdonalds in my hand. Classy I know.

15. Travel, travel and more travel – pretty self explanatory

16. Go skinny dipping…again – the first time was kind of a failed attempt since the tide started getting very strong and we didn’t want to die.

17. Do a flip on a trampoline – I’ve always wanted to be able to do a flip of some sort and i figured doing one on a trampoline would be so much easier.

18. Go ape – The thought of being up in the trees, both thrills and terrifies me so why no

19. Go to the Harry Potter studios – Pretty self explanatory.

20. Actually go on fairground rides – I tend to just go to goosefair for the food tbh, this year however, I would love to actually go on some of the rides.

21. Finally. Say ‘fuck it’ more – I want to just go with the flow more and focus on having fun. It’s about time I step out of my comfort zone.

Basically, I am tired of playing it safe and being boring. I want a year full of excitement and stepping out of my comfort zone. Whilst I may not achieve all of these in a year, it’s definitely something I can strive for.

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