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Hey guys, 2016 is almost over.  It has been a year full of disasters all over the world, a year of discoveries and a year of change.  It hasn’t been one of the best years of my life, but it hasn’t been the worst. However, I am quite happy to say goodbye to 2016 and see what next year has to offer. Here is my 2016 reflection:


New Years Eve

My 2016 started on a night out with some of the lads, celebrating the start of what I hoped would be a better year. It was also the night I met some new friends, it was a perfect night and a great way to start the new year. The month progressed with lots of amazing nights out with so many different people.

January saw my return to university to start semester two of first year Dance. However, it was also the time I realised I wasn’t enjoying my course and so I had a very important decision to make: did I stick it out and carry on, or walk away and find a new dream. All of knew was I was beginning to get very ill again, so something had to change.


The month of change, endings and new beginings.

My last night out at uni with my best friend Ames.

This was the month I decided a dance course wasn’t for me and so I chose to leave university for the time being. I spent the month going out and making the most of the time I had left at university by doing as much as possible. There were plenty of pizza movie days, nights out and memories made.

February was also the month in which me and my boyfriend started dating. The timing was off because of me leaving university, however, it meant that I had somewhere to stay if I wanted to return.

My first and last night out with my fabulous flatmate Chloe
One of the many selfies me and my bestfriend Connie took on our nights out


March was definitely a tricky month, however, it was probably one of the best. Since I had newly returned home it meant I had so much free time to go and visit friends I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a month of outings, Costa dates and general catch ups. It was also the month i decided to experiment and dyed my hair grey and pink. I felt so happy and relieved to be away from the stress of uni. I finally had the time to look out for myself. For the first time in a long time I felt reasonably healthy, it was then that I knew my decision to leave uni was the right one.

After months of being apart, i finally got to reunite with my chummies.
Reunited with the boys


In April I celebrated the birthdays of my best friend, dad and boyfriend, meaning it was a very busy month. I was loving my new found freedom, however, I was beginning to get bored and so my search for a job began. I did in fact get a job at Subway however, I just knew it wasn’t a job I would be happy doing especially being around food with my IBS, so I chose not to continue.

I also decided I wanted to return back to university in September and so my transfer to joint honours psychology and criminology was put in place.

Whilst all of the above was happening, it was also the month that I started this blog: the-finerthingsinlife. A decision I do not regret. You can read my first ever blog post for this blog here.

Me and my bf on his 19th birthday


Now this is always my favourite month of the year and this year I visited Wollaton Park for a date day and i also celebrated my 19th birthday. For my 19th, a group of my friends from both home and university joined together to go on a big night out. And judging by the pictures and the bits I can remember, it was a great night.

May, was also the month in which I found a job, working for co-op. I honestly loved working for co-op, the staff were all really friendly and there were so many customers who would make me laugh on a daily basis.

May was just a great month.

Wollaton hall


Zante: Paint Party

In June I travelled to Zante, and like any girls holiday, the week wasn’t complete without a little drama, however, I had a great time. I met some truly great people, who I still talk to now and I went to some great parties, from pool parties to paint parties (You can read more about my trip here.) It was a trip that made me realise that genuine friendships can be made in the unlikeliest of places and that sometimes you just need to say yes (that paint party you are dreading might just be the best night of the holiday).

Elspeth – we bonded for life in Zante


The place where a lot of reflection happened during July.

In July I attended a family party, in celebration of my aunties 50th. It was so nice to see all the family again, aunts and uncles I hadn’t seen in ages and cousins I hadn’t seen in years. One particular memory from this evening was on the way home, where my uncle spoke about how proud him and my mama were of me when they came to see my year six performance. It was such a long time ago but hearing him talk about my mama and how proud she was of me and how talented they thought I was made me so emotional, which made me miss performing. This was the moment I knew I could never quit dance for good.

Although July was full of memories it was also a month of stress, reflection and change (arguably the biggest change may have been chopping half my hair off, but still that was a big change). During July, me and my current boyfriend split for a month or so because we were arguing a lot and for some reason thought we would be better of as friends to stop the arguing and not lose such a strong frienship. It was a hard decision but we truly believed that breaking up was for the best. So we went back to being friends and the arguments stopped.


My best friend

August was pretty much a dull month. It was also a very low month for me. I started seeing someone from the past, admittedly that was a very stupid thing to do and I shouldn’t have. But, I honestly thought this was the best thing for me. It wasn’t. It made me very bitter and angry, something I hadn’t really felt for a while. But whilst this was all going on my bf (well ex at the time) was always there for me and we met up quite a lot. We would go to the movies, the arcade, talk on face time daily and even though we had both seen other people during this time, it was very clear that we were more then friends. So eventually after lots of conversations, days out which were “not dates”, we realised that we had been massive idiots and so two became one.

August was basically a massive roller coaster, however, it was a month that made me realise a lot. Sometimes you have to take risks, they may not always work out the way you want them to, but they will also teach you something and you’ll realise what you truly need. The end of summer also marked the end of my job. With uni fast approaching I said goodbye to my part time job and started packing.


My new home for the uni room

And so university had arrived and it was time to move back into halls and start first year for the second time (if you aren’t aware of my university story you can read it here.) It was really strange to be back, a lot of my friends had dropped out, so it was difficult to adjust. However, from the very first day, I instantly knew that criminology was for me. September was a month where I met so many new people and reunited with old friends. There were plenty of amazing nights out and I felt so happy to be back, it was almost as if I had never left.

A new semester meant new societies, and so i found myself joining, the joint honours and psychology societies, as well as Derby Dance Team (DDT) – a decision i definitely do not regret. It also bought back my IBS, which was a really stressful time but i had a lot of supportive people looking out for me. I was happy.

My first social with the dance girls. Toga night!


The Freud Museum

In October, I went on plenty of outings. Firstly, I visited the Freud museum, which I’m not going to lie was actually really cool. I have a secret obsession with that guy and he helped me pass A Level English. I also went on a flat outing to Goose Fair, (a huge fair that comes to Nottingham every October) It was a great night and I managed to push my anxiety and go on some of the ride. Which I kinda hated but also loved.

I also became an official member of DDT, it was so nice to be dancing again. I also did my first performance of the year on Halloween, which really tested my anxiety but I loved every minute. I was so happy to be surrounded by such genuine lovely people, my DDT family.

Goose Fair
Spookabout halloween performance with my dance girly Victoria


Chester Zoo

This month was another of my favourites because on the first of November, I finally got to go to the Zoo, something I have wanted to do for so long. The joy I felt when seeing elephants in flesh for the first time, tops any joy I’d felt this year. It was such an amazing day and I am so thankful to my boyfriend for taking me. It was the best start to what would be a really stressful month.

With assignment season officially underway, it was stress daily. However, I did find time to binge watch 90210, which if you haven’t seen you really should. It was also a month that made me realise that your first impression of a person isn’t always right and that some people will never leave a positive impact on your life. It was a month that I realised that not everyone who appears friendly has your best interests at heart, something which I will be taking into 2017 with me.

Not only did I take a break from work to binge watch Netflix, but I also went away with two of my best friends to The Big Reunion. For those who don’t know, the big reunion is a music festival held indoor in Skegness. It was a great weekend, I had lots of fun and got to see so many amazing artists, such as Ms Dynamite, Lethal Bizzle and Hannah Wants. I would definitely go again in the future.

The Big Reunion with my best friends, Anjaly and Amy



Which brings us onto the present month. December has been quite difficult at times but also a really relaxed time filled with only the best people. During this last month of the year, once all my assignments had been done, I went on a winter holiday to Lanzarote. It was such an amazing week and couldn’t have come at a more suitable time. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the year. This month has also given me time to catch up with friends and loved ones.

Birthday celebrations with my good friend Nicole for Anjaly’s birthday

Of course there was Christmas too and I was well and truly spoilt. Me and my boyfriend had our own fake Christmas on the 22-23rd, complete with presents, cheesy films and the winter wonderland, it was such as amazing two days, he knows how difficult Christmas can be for me and made it so special. I then celebrated with my family and it was such a lovely day, I received so many amazing gifts for Christmas. A few of my favourites, were definitely, a necklace from my boyfriend, makeup brushes from his mum and an Ipad from my parents. Although, I am not a huge fan of Christmas it made me truly happy to spend time with all my loved ones, whilst remembering all of those who are no longer with us.

Christnas Presents from the wonderful Lynn

Overall, when I reflect on the year that’s passing, despite all of the stress, there has been so many great memories and friendships formed. 2016 has been a challenging year: a year of change, but i am so grateful for those positive influences around me who have made this year so memorable. I feel blessed to be going into the new year with good health, good friends and positive thoughts for the year ahead. I hope that 2017 brings you all joy, friendships and good health.

Happy New Year Everyone.
Dion xo

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